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Rachael Mills is the daughter of Susan Jullens and Steve Mills of Baton Rouge. She has had a baton in her hand since she was born. She has competed and won so many trophies in her past twirling career that they would fill a truck. She has held many Louisiana State Twirling Championship titles with the last being in 2015 when she was crowned the 2015 Intermediate 16+ Miss Majorette of Louisiana. In the same year, 2015, she was a top ten finalist in the Beginner Miss Twirl Mania International Championship held in Orlando, Florida at the Wide World of Sports. Rachael has traveled across the south competing as a soloist and a team member for the All Star Twirl and Dance studio. She has traveled to Mississippi, Alabama,Tennessee, Arkansas, South Bend, Indiana, Florida, Texas, and beyond during her twirling career. Not only did she compete as a baton twirling student, but she also was a member of two different independent color guards in the Louisiana Area. She was a member of Lil Bit XSNRG and then XSNRG which were independent color guard groups sponsored by All Star Twirl and Dance. Rachael has served as an assistant, teacher, book keeper, recital organizer, tabulator at contest as well as a clerk during her twirling career. I'm extremely proud of Rachael and all of her achievements. I'm looking forward to impending marriage in March 2017 to Trevor Hood.

Amber Harris Weisenberg

A member of our Elite Twirl Force team, Hope Stewart, the daughter of Clint and Joanne Stewart, is excited to announce that she will be the feature twirler for a home school basketball team. She has been a home school student for many years and is excited to bring baton twirling to their basketball program. This summer, Hope traveled to Auburn, Alabama, with a group of her twirling team mates, to attend the Halftime USA Twirling Camp held by Shirley Devenney. Hope is also the reigning 2016 Beginner Miss Majorette of Louisiana. She will be traveling to South Bend, Indiana at the end of July to represent our studio and our state!

Say hello to Hannah Staudt. Hannah is the daughter of Beckie and Jimmy Staudt of Central. She will be a junior at Central High School. Hannah has been twirling now for six years. This is her fourth year of twirling with Mrs. Jullens and being a part of our competitive twirling travel team. She has competed throughout the south including Florida, Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee. and Texas. Recently Hannah traveled to Auburn, Alabama to participate in a twirling camp, Halftime USA, held by Shirley Devenney. She has had several guest instructors such as Bess Willis, Amber Hanel, LIndsey McCormick, Savannah Zechiel, and Robin Chambers. In 2015, Hannah was crowned Beginner 13-15 Miss Majorette of Louisiana. She is currently the 2016 Beginner 13-15 Louisiana State X-Strut Champion, Beginner 13-15 State Solo Champion, Louisiana 2 Baton Champion, and Louisiana State 3 Baton Champion and 2016 Miss Crescent City Majorette Queen. She is the first runner up for the 2016 Miss Majorette of the Mid South. She has competed in Twirltacular Championships as well as the Twirl Mania International Competition held at Disney World. Hannah, along with her trio team mates- Abby Bennett and Hope Stewart, are the 2016 Louisiana State Trio Champions as well as the 2016 Mid-South Regional Trio Champions. Hannah says that she is blessed to have such amazing parents, coaches, team mates, and opportunities to do what she loves- baton twirling. She is looking forward to her upcoming 2016-2017 competition season!

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